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Biographie "Liu Su has seen two predecessors!" "Qin Yilou was so impulsive that he almost made a big mistake. Please don't blame him." Qin Yilou was embarrassed. Qin Fu boy, you'd better be captured without a fight! There's no way you can escape. The voice of the man at the top of the slope did not fall. Qin Fu turned around and fired an arrow. The speed and the angle were so accurate that people were surprised. The man fell in response to the arrow, and no one dared to speak again. Qi Wanshou is such a villain. I, Li Sanniang, must take his head! The middle-aged woman said in a cruel voice. Swish.. A rocket, like a locust, flies from the top of the slope to the valley. Get out of the way! As soon as Qin Fu pulled Liu Su, the speed flashed to a big tree, and the rockets fell into the valley, and immediately ignited everywhere in the valley. Go! If you don't go, I'm afraid you'll be trapped here! Qin Yilou reminded in a deep voice. Why are they doing this to you? Even if they want to repent, they don't have to kill them all! Liu Su's face was a little ugly, and he asked with some puzzlement. Qin Fu looked at Liu Su inscrutably and said lightly, "The less you know, the better." Liu Su was a little unhappy, Qin Fu's mysterious appearance clearly did not treat her as one of his own, but then again, in fact, there was no relationship between himself and Qin Fu, just at the right time, in order to repay Qin Fu's rescue and help him. At this moment,die casting parts, each other has not owed each other, she really has no reason to see outside and angry for Qin Fu. Although want to think so, but Liu Su's heart is extremely unhappy, do not know why, perhaps, she has a very deep affection for this mysterious Qin Fu. Qin Fu's elusive archery is really mysterious. I really don't know how he practiced his good archery. Intuition told Liu Su that the three people in front of him were absolutely not easy to mess with, including the middle-aged woman who claimed to be Li Sanniang, who was absolutely a good hand. The second uncle and the second aunt went to my friend's place in Anlu City to wait for me first. Qin Fu suddenly said. Where are you going Qin Yilou asked in surprise. I'll send Miss Liu back to Liuzhuang first,metal stamping parts, and I'll go to Anlu to meet you immediately after I finish this. Qin Fu flatly said. Then let's go to Liuzhuang together. Li Sanniang said in a deep voice. No, we distract the pursuers for Fu! Qin Yilou flatly said. Li Sanniang glanced at Qin Yilou and immediately understood that this time Qi Wanshou must have come prepared, and there must be a lot of people coming. If you let those people concentrate their forces to chase, I'm afraid there will be a bitter battle, and it's hard to get rid of the pursuers. Otherwise, with Qin Fu's alertness, how can Qi Wanshou's pursuers find this place of seclusion? All right, let's split up! Fu, be careful all the way! Li Sanniang patted Qin Fu on the shoulder, concerned about the tunnel. Qin Fu nodded confidently and said, "Let's go." Qin Yilou and his wife went down the river with a small raft instead of walking, and the fire from all sides had not yet reached the point where the river could be cut off. The arrows rained down from the hillsides on both sides of the river, but as the flames grew higher and higher, the people's vision was blurred, so not every arrow was accurate, DIN screw plug ,titanium machining parts, and even a few people on the raft could not see it clearly. Don't let them get away. The ambushes on the top of the hill all shouted, and I don't know how many people were ambushed on all sides. If it hadn't been for the strange array on all sides, I'm afraid these people would have entered the valley long ago. We should go, too! Qin Fu looked at Liu Su. How can we go? Liu Su watched the only raft being pushed away, and some did not know why. Qin Fu took out a piece of cloth and silk and went to the river to wet it. He wrung out the water a little and handed it to Liu Su. "Cover your mouth and nose," he said. Liu Su was surprised and did not know what this meant, but since Qin Fu said so, he had to cover his mouth and nose and tie a slipknot in the back of his head. Well, it's better this way! Qin Fu and Liu Su swept straight onto the horse's back, which was neighing, and pulled off the reins. "Hold my waist tight," they said. Liu Su was only stopped by Qin Fu's action of breaking the reins on the horse. Under the scorching fire, how could he control whether men and women were close to each other? I had to hold Qin Fu's waist tightly. Xi Yu. "" With a long hiss, the horse galloped upstream along the river.
The upper reaches of the river, whether in the water or on the bank, are piled with some messy stones, and in the river, there are even pieces of wooden stakes. Needless to say, these things are also set up according to the principles of the five elements. Otherwise, how can those people not flow through the river? With splashing water, Qin Fu controlled the horse with his legs and walked around the stone pile. In an instant, he passed through the stone circle and rushed out of the fire from the river. When Liu Su breathed a sigh of relief, he found a big net covering the sky. Zheng.. Qin Fu's sword was like a ray of sunshine, and the big net that fell from the sky suddenly cracked from the middle and divided into two halves. Whoever catches this boy will be rewarded with a hundred taels of money! A clear drink came from the hillside on one side. Qin Fu broke through the big net without stopping, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the faces of those who came. As he guessed, these people were all Qi Wanshou's people, and the speaker just now was Qi Yong, the third disciple of Qi Wanshou. When he was in Nanyang, Qin Fu was no stranger to the important figures of the Qi family, at least to the five tiger disciples of Qi Wanshou. Qi Wanshou is Nanyang Dahao, family wealth, can be regarded as the richest man in Nanyang, but the most promising Qi Wanshou is not his family wealth, but this person's martial arts! Therefore, even Nanyang Hou also wanted to climb this marriage, and Qi Wanshou had wealth and power, and needed more power, so he hit it off with Nanyang Hou Liu Chi. Qi Wanshou's first disciple, Liehu Qiwei, was a red man in Fu Yanyu's mansion. His second disciple, Zhanhu Qipei, was a bodyguard in Wang Mang's imperial guards. His third disciple was Jinyihu Qiyong, who stayed with Qi Wanshou and became the best assistant in his business and Jianghu. Liu Su was extremely surprised, in the river side at least under dozens of green Xuan yellow tights of the big fellow, these people all hung up the bow, seems to dare not put disorderly arrows shot Qin Fu, otherwise the dozens of arrows,Investment casting parts, even if Qin Fu's martial arts again good, also can't protect the horse. As a matter of fact, there are only two streams of the river rushing out of the valley from the sea of fire. 
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