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Biographie It feels good to clap your hand on his face. Zhao Chengze can not move, feet on the ground, hands still holding the handle of the fan, at first glance, is a pair of Yushu Linfeng look, but at this moment, it can only be a statue. At such a critical moment, he still had the heart to ask: "What posture did you use just now?" His eyes narrowed and he looked at me. Go to your body, this is the girl's exclusive "magic"! Of course you can't say that to him. You are so talkative. Doesn't it look like it hurts? I sneered and reached out to increase the intensity. There was a crackling sound, and after a while, his clear face turned red. You How dare you Zhao Chengze's eyebrows stood on end, but there was nothing he could do. I didn't expect that Prince Zhao's face was not very thick. I drew back my hand and looked closely at his face, which was slightly pink and pretty, so I laughed and said, "It's red after these two hits, and the effect is very good." Zhao Chengze looked down at me, suddenly turned over his eyelids, and spit out a "giggle" at the corners of his mouth. ※※※※※※ "You seem quite unconvinced?" I looked at him and folded my arms. Zhao Chengze snorted coldly again and said, "So what?" Nothing, just thinking about what to do with you? Did you just kill him, or. I raised the corners of my mouth and spoke slowly, hoping to see a trace of fear in his eyes. Zhao Chengze is not afraid, he keeps silent,stainless steel squatting pan, seems to be thinking about something. I hate it when people pretend to be deep in front of me, and this man's appearance is really threatening, although he is confident that he can't move, but. So he stretched out his hand again and pinched the right side of his face without hesitation. "What are you thinking about?"? What do you want me to do with you? His appearance was originally very feminine, but there is a kind of weak beauty, at the moment I deliberately pulled the dough, suddenly deformed, looks ridiculous. I laughed and let go. Zhao Chengze suddenly opened his mouth: "What are you going to do with me, sister Caiyi?" The voice is a little lazy. My heart is awe-inspiring,push button toilet flush valve, frowning to see, but see his phoenix eyes narrow up, a line of flashing light in the middle, slanting to look at me, with an indescribable charm. This situation is really strange. Before I could open my mouth, Zhao Chengze said, "Why don't you let the king make up his mind for you?" I looked at him warily. If you want to kill the king and pay for the servant girl, the king suggests that you. Rape first and then kill. As he said these words, he raised his eyebrows and looked at me with a low laugh. Chapter 024 go up if you want (1) "If you want to kill the king, for the servant girl to die," Zhao Chengze eyes looked at me, thin mouth with a smile, said lazily, "the king suggested sister you. Rape first and then kill. When I heard this, my first reaction was to jump up and slap him in the face. First rape and then kill, in the end is I suffer or you suffer? That's a good idea. Looking at his triumphant appearance, stainless steel toilet ,Flush Retrofit Kit, I'm afraid he has been immersed in the first word, unable to extricate himself, completely did not think of the "kill" behind it. I hate it very much. Really take this man at his wits' end, however, originally was to have the mentality to frighten him to come, did not expect to be eaten to death by him, this girl lost face. My eyes met, and I admired his malice, and he rejoiced in the anger I could not hide. I turned around and put up with it again and again before I could resist the impulse to walk away. But of course can't kill him, anyhow is Zhao Shenxiao's brother. Looking back at the statue that could not move, he was not worried at all. Seeing that I was silent, he winked and sent it lightly, as if to say, "Come, come, please come.". This damn thing. God forbid that I should let you off the hook tonight. ※※※※※※ The teeth clenched and clenched, trying to control it, and then a smile appeared on his face. OK Ah I promised, turned around, "there is an old saying, the most difficult to enjoy the beauty of grace, not to mention Zhao Wang Ye you." It's the best in the world. Zhao Chengze's face has such a moment of dull, fleeting. So I smiled even more. Oh, Ben Wang is really. How lucky I am.
"He moved the corners of his mouth and said stiffly, his eyes blinking and his expression a little unnatural.". I almost smirked. So you also know fear. Turn around and walk to his side, reach out, put your hand on his shoulder, and touch it gently. Zhao Chengze's eyes moved and stared at my hand. He pressed his body through the material of his clothes and slowly went down his shoulders to his chest. So he pinched it. Zhao Chengze bit his lip and suddenly laughed: "If you want to go up, why are you so dilly-dally?" There was a sharp murderous look in his eyes. This sentence is very strong, the momentum is very good, however, compared to the original appearance of your feminine as a demon, I still appreciate the way you pretend now. I laughed three times. "What's the hurry? Lord Zhao, you weren't in such a hurry when you treated the servant girl just now." Zhao Chengze Wen Yan's eyes flashed and glanced at the cold body of the servant girl on the bed beside him. I smiled and slid my fingers down to his chest. His eyes were fixed on his face, and suddenly he saw his throat move. Wang Ye, what did you say just now? "What did Ben Wang say?" "You just said that Picking Clothes is a personality beauty, but you like it very much." "Yes, I like it very much, and I like it to death." He gritted his teeth and said that the last word was heavier. That's good, "slowly untied his belt, and conveniently took the fan from his hand," tonight let Wang Ye see what is called personality, like to die. " "Is it?" "Well, yes," he touched his underwear, poked it deliberately, and then exclaimed, "Eh.. I didn't expect Wang Ye to look so thin and weak, and there was something to see inside. "Ha, ha ha, Ben Wang." I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you. Praise "You're welcome. In addition, Wang Ye,Flush valve price, please enjoy it." "Ben Wang must." After a pause, he suddenly shouted angrily, "What are you doing?" 。 
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