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Biographie His little eyes looked at me for a few more seconds, then paced and stepped on the word "wise", twisted his head and neck, pecked his wings with his pointed beak, and ignored me. I snorted heavily in my heart, thinking that everything related to the fox was this virtue, and then grabbed the little black pigeon, pulled out the small note tied to his paw and unfolded it. The imperial mausoleum and its keeper have been found. Only Liao Liao nine words, but I know this nine words is not simple, but also very not simple, the reason is very simple, send out the news from the small black pigeon, since it will not be ordinary news. But here refers to the imperial mausoleum and the keeper of the mausoleum, certainly does not refer to the imperial mausoleum of Longyao, or the other five countries, right? If it is the imperial mausoleum of any of the Six Kingdoms, just like the cemetery of the fox family, so ostentatiously built there, do you still need to look for it? Just as he was trying to figure it out,jujube seed powder, the fox came back from the next day. Is there any news of the second brother today? I hurriedly threw a small note, then got up and trotted all the way to the fox, took the fox's arm, and said the daily question word for word. He is very good, the war is also very smooth, will soon be able to capture Lanzhou. He smiled and pulled me, obviously satisfied that I could greet him so actively and warmly every day. Alas,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, this dark and cunning fox locked me up in the palace and made me bored half to death. He was the only one in the whole palace who could not take my queen status seriously, but also decided my freedom and satisfaction in the palace life. I saw that he could not take the initiative and be kind to flatter me from time to time? "Oh, yes, there is a little black pigeon to deliver the message." I pulled him to the desk and sat down, not feeling guilty about opening his "letters" without permission. The fox reached out to pick up the small note and glanced at it casually. The smile on his face became more lazy and casual. Then he just looked at me and did not open his mouth. What imperial mausoleum? All right, all right, I admit that I am useless, knowing that the fox did not speak because he had expected me to have doubts about it, but he did not take the initiative to confess, and insisted that I ask questions myself, which was really too unconscious. But why can't I help it? 555 "Shallow to say?" His peach blossom eyes slanted up and looked at me-because he was sitting, while I was standing, the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, turmeric extract powder ,fenugreek saponins, and the amorous feelings made people want to reach out and knead his fox face into a hemp ball like kneading flour. I admit that I am jealous. I am jealous that the fox looks better than me standing, sitting, lying, east, south, west and north. It is definitely not the imperial mausoleum of any of the six countries. I curled my lips, and I really couldn't guess any deeper than that. Alas, my brain cells are completely useless in the palace except for the battle of wits and courage with foxes. Therefore, I can only hope to win the fox's rare conscience with my pitiful and expectant eyes, "Big brother, tell me quickly." You have to call him Big Brother when you ask for help, call him Fox when you curse, and call him by his name when you blush and heartbeat when you do something. It was estimated that I hadn't called him Big Brother for quite a few days. For a moment, the fox was quite moved. He stretched out his claws and held me in his arms. He let me sit back in his arms. Then he habitually knocked his chin on my shoulder socket and said to my ear in a charming voice: "The Imperial Mausoleum of Fengshen Kingdom." "Eh?" I reached out and pushed the fox's head away, then turned sideways around the fox's neck and said in a strange voice, "The Imperial Mausoleum of Fengshen Kingdom?"? Don't you know where the imperial mausoleum of Fengshen Kingdom is? "Shallow." Obviously, my question seems to be a bit of an idiot, or too inconsistent with my identity as a descendant of the royal family of Fengshen Kingdom, so there is a naked helplessness and sigh in the fox's voice. I don't know. It happened hundreds of years ago, and no one talks about it on weekdays. On this point, I can be justified. No matter how we say, we are just descendants. Do descendants understand? It's not a client! "Rumor has it that the imperial mausoleum of Fengshen Kingdom is the place where the emperors of Fengshen Kingdom are buried, and the imperial mausoleum also contains the divine strategy of the founding emperor of Fengshen kingdom to unify the whole country.". In order to protect the imperial vein of Fengshen Kingdom from being destroyed and make Fengshen Kingdom strong forever, the imperial mausoleum of Fengshen Kingdom is built in the treasure land of Fengshui Eight Diagrams, which is full of secrets and mysteries, and is guarded by the keeper of the mausoleum.
” "And then?" Come on, the point is in the back. Don't keep me in suspense. Then The fox looked at me as if he were looking at a mentally retarded child. With deep sympathy and a sense of incurability, he reached out and touched my head. He took off the black jade phoenix hairpin from my bun and made a mess of my long hair, which had been tied up with great difficulty. Fang Xin said contentedly, "It has been hundreds of years since the Wind God Kingdom was divided into six parts." Many people from all over the world are struggling to find the location of Fengshen Emperor's Mausoleum. "Then where is it?" My heart hung slightly, and I felt vaguely that something was coming out. Cold Star Country. The fox played with a small clump of my hair and answered carelessly. This is Belongs to the secret of the Cold Star Kingdom Palace? Don't ask me how I analyzed it. I just asked intuitively. It is said that the secret of the Imperial Palace of the Six Kingdoms has been thrown behind me since the matter of Prince Uncle. Now, stimulated by the matter of the Imperial Mausoleum, I suddenly recall it again. The smelly fox smiled without saying a word, but the peach blossom's eyes were full of admiration. He reached out and touched my head, as if I had married him not as his wife, but as his child. Say, how many secrets do you know about the palace, and what are these secrets? My anger rose from my heart, and I stretched out my evil to the edge of my courage. I immediately grabbed the fox by the neck, made a gesture to pinch him, and threatened him in a rough voice. Shallow.. A black line on one's face. Say it. Say everything you know. Say everything. The most important thing between husband and wife is trust and honesty. I turned around his neck and said coquettishly with a smile once in a hundred years. That's not enough. The black line on the face of the smelly fox immediately turned into a red flower, smiling very lazily,tannic acid astringent, and the peach blossom eyes were full of love. I'll embroider a sachet for you. I remembered the big sachet embroidered by the fox before. How about a different way? Red flowers turned into yellow flowers, the corners of the fox's mouth twitched slightly, and the smile on his face could not be hung up. 
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